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Email hosting is a service that leases and operates email servers. It lets you have a premium service for your own business or company, especially if you want your own domain name for branding purposes. Email hosting services in India may help make your business stand out and easier to remember, too. Here are some of the five types of email hosting services you can consider in India: 

  • Business email server hosting – The most reliable email hosting services in India can protect your most important business communications while ensuring availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Business email server hosting can come with integrated social networking and chat features, up to 5GB of space for every email account, and mobile-ready emails.
  • Google Apps partner service – Google Apps is a productivity suite that is cloud-based, so it lets you and your staff connect and work from anywhere using any device. It is easy to set up, manage, and use, so everyone can be more productive. Seasoned email hosting solutions providers in India can help you migrate from Lotus or Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps.
  • Rackspace email hosting – Rackspace is one of the best cloud computing platforms that have set the standard for hosting with their expertise and extensive support. Its apps enable reliable email hosting that works on the web, desktop, and mobile devices. The service comes with round-the-clock support, syncing services, premium spam protection, and other tools to simplify email management.
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange – Leading email hosting services in India have partnered with cloud computing solutions providers to make Microsoft Exchange more reliable, secure, efficient, and easily available, especially for mission-critical collaboration and communications. By hosting Outlook on Exchange, you can collaborate with your team and use 1GB of public folder space for feedback and sharing files.
  • Enterprise mail hosting – If you are looking for a reliable cloud-based email with a robust collaboration service, this solution is for you. It is an enterprise standard email service that comes with all the crucial features like social integration, default mobile apps, files and tasks, calendaring, and address books. Some providers can offer the platform with Webmail OX, an interactive webmail interface. The service is compatible with Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, and Mac Mail plus, and it comes with abundant storage.