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Large enterprises with multiple domains must consider multiple sub-domains for the parent website. It improves search engine rankings and allows you to target specific market segments for increased visibility. However, the security of your subdomains is just as critical for businesses. Installing a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate becomes vital at this point. It is a feature that ensures your data is encrypted and supplied via an HTTPS connection. But choosing the right SSL certificate is not an easy decision, especially since so many options are available. But if you have multiple subdomains, installing the best Wildcard SSL Certificate is the wisest option to choose as it secures all your subdomains with a single certificate rather than installing a separate certificate for every individual domain.

In this post, we will learn what Wildcard SSL certificate is, why Wildcard SSL Certificate is necessary and how to install it. Let’s Begin!

What is a Wildcard SSL Certificate?

A Wildcard SSL certificate allows the security of multiple subdomains with a single certificate making it a cost-effective proposition for businesses. It works for all subdomains that have the base domain name. For example, if your domain name is “ourwebsite.com,” the Wildcard SSL certificate will also protect subdomains like “newourwebsite.com” or “freshourwebsite.com” etc.

All Wildcard SSL certificates come with an asterisk (*) sign before the domain name interprets all the strings of characters. It can be used for all the variations of ‘www’ and non-‘www’ domain names. All Wildcard SSL certificates encrypt data through a specific set of keys (public and private key) in a single name certificate. While the public key is usually stored in the digital format of the certificate, the private key is stored on your server. The private key in a wildcard certificate can be copied and uploaded to as many servers as you want.

When to use a Wildcard SSL Certificate

A single-name SSL certificate works well if you want to add just one subdomain. But one wildcard SSL certificate can secure multiple subdomains; therefore, a Wildcard SSL Certificate is essential for businesses with numerous web pages. Since all subdomains are kept secure under one wildcard SSL certificate, it saves time and money purchasing and installing single-name certificates on different subdomains.

Web developers who frequently utilise subdomains for testing or organisations who use subdomains for various web pages such as blogs, ecommerce, and so on can benefit from wildcard SSL certificates. Investing in a wildcard SSL certificate for future use is also an excellent idea. A wildcard SSL certificate will come in handy if your company grows and you need to expand your online presence by adding different subdomains.

Features of Best Wildcard SSL Certificate offered by NTSPL

Here’s Why Wildcard SSL Certificate is a preferred choice of companies having multiple domains and sub-domains.

  • Unlimited Reissues: SSL certificates can be cancelled and reissued during their term with no fuss or replacement fees.
  • Licenses for Unlimited Servers: SSL certificates can be installed on an unlimited number of servers at no additional cost.
  • Browser Compatibility Across All Platforms: Get SSL that is trusted by 99.9% of modern desktop and mobile browsers and is compatible with them.
  • Reporting that is Thorough: With automatic multi-person, multi-level expiration warnings, you can avoid system downtime, security gaps, and unintentional certificate expirations.

How to install a Wildcard SSL certificate?

The steps involved in installing a wildcard SSL certificate may vary slightly depending on the host and server type; they are primarily the same.

Buying the Certificate: There are several providers from where you can purchase a wildcard SSL certificate. Which Wildcard SSL Provider you choose to buy the certificate from will depend on your specific requirements.

Generate a CSR (certificate signing request) Code: The certificate provider requires the CSR code to create and sign the certificate file. You can fill the online form on SSL.com to generate this code and the private key. A few things to remember here are:

  • Make sure that you add an asterisk (*) mark before your domain name
  • Once the process is done, a CSR code and private key file are generated. Carefully save this information as it will be required in the next step.

Upload CSR Code and Private Key File to the Server: This is a simple, self-explanatory step where you need to follow the mentioned steps in the form and fill in the required information in the suitable spaces.

Installation Confirmation: Once you have correctly followed the steps mentioned above, the Wildcard SSL certificate will automatically get installed on your website. To double-cross, use the SSL Checker Tool, where you have to enter the link of your website, and the tool will provide all the required information about your SSL Certificate.


So, installing an SSL certificate is one of the most important decisions you will take to keep your website and subdomains secured. Even though it is confusing to choose the right one as there are so many available, using a Wildcard SSL certificate is the best choice for all its benefits.

We hope this article has clarified why Wildcard SSL Certificate is necessary. You may secure numerous subdomains with a single wildcard SSL certificate, saving you the trouble of installing one for each domain. Not just that, it also becomes a more affordable proposition for businesses as you don’t need to spend any more money on registering for a new certificate for every new domain you add to your parent website.

NTSPL is one of the Best Wildcard SSL Certificate providers and helps companies in protecting a single domain and an unlimited number subdomains across an unlimited number of server instances. You can easily scale the number of sub-domains as per your requirement. With a single Wildcard certificate licence, you can also ensure that a separate private key protects each server. Experts at NTSPL are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist companies using the Wildcard OV SSL Certificate.

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