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What is Domain Name Transfer?

For a successful website, having the right domain plays an important part, but not that’s not all of it. Because a domain name requires registration with a domain name system (DNS) registrar, DNS is provided by various providers with different prices, features, and benefits, and depending on those factors, one might consider changing a domain registrar.

Domain Name Transfer entails changing a domain registrar as one transfers from their current registrar to a newer registrar. According to ICANN Transfer Policy, a website must be with the current registrar for at least 60 days before one can transfer the domain name to another registrar.

There are many reasons why one would consider changing a domain registrar. Sometimes it could be that their current registrar’s service prices have gone up, or the website is slowing down, or merely that one has found better services altogether.

If you are considering the transfer of a domain name, here are the required steps to guide you with the process.

How to Transfer a Domain Name?

Transferring a Domain Name is not an easy job for commoners. It is best to seek help from professionals and companies that give domain transfer services. You can also find a domain name transfer company in India that will help you change a domain registrar and finally transfer a domain name.

Let’s have a look at how one can transfer a domain name. Different registrars have different methods by which you can change the domain name and registrar. If you search on the Internet about changing a domain registrar, it will show you different results for various company registrars. But the essential steps remain the same everywhere. Suppose you are transferring a domain name to NTSPL Hosting, then these are the steps you will be following.

  1. Updating Contact Information: Your current registrar and the one you are transferring your domain name to will contact you during the transfer process. And without up-to-date contact information, they may fail to reach you. All you have to do is log in to your current domain registrar’s control panel and check if the account details are up to date or if any information is missing. Not having the required information could lead to a delayed process or, worse, rejected transfer.
  2. Setting up your email sending domain name: Your current registrar must have provided you with an email service tied to your domain name, which you use to send and receive email. When you transfer the domain name to NTSPL Hosting, your current registrar will deactivate the email service. Before you lose all your data and essential mails or get all confused, it is best to have a backup email.
  3. Unlocking Your Domain: To prevent you from accidentally deleting or changing, domain transfer services lock your domain. But there’s always an option for you to unlock it so that you can find the ‘Unlock Domain’ option in your registrar’s control panel. Depending on different domain transfer services, you can either find it under the ‘Domain’ or ‘Security’ section. The unlocking should be simple with one click but if that doesn’t work, ask assistance from your current registrar for the unlocking.
  4. Getting an Authorization Code: An authorization code, also known as Auth-Code, Auth-Info Code, or AuthInfo Code, protects your domain from any unauthorized party’s transferring your domain. And to transfer your domain name to NTSPL Hosting, you will require the same. While some registrars allow you a permit to auto-generation codes, some others will require you to request one. This code will act as a bridge between your current registrar and the new one, NTSPL Hosting.
  5. Checking the Eligibility for the Transfer: There are eligibility criteria for the successful transfer of a domain name. According to ICANN Transfer Policy, your domain name has to have been with the current registrar for at least 60 days before you are transferring the domain name to NTSPL Hosting. So before spending time with the process, do the maths and check the eligibility.
  6. Creating an Account with Your New Registrar: While transferring a domain name to NTSPL Hosting, first, create an account with it. After finding the transfer service page, enter the domain name that you are transferring. Avoid the ‘www’ part and go ahead with the name and the suffix, like, .com, .info, etc.
  7. Entering the Authorisation Code: Enter the authorization code from the old registrar and make sure you have entered it correctly. In case the code doesn’t match, your domain transfer won’t be successful.
  8. Authorization of the Domain Transfer: For authorization purposes, both your old registrar and the new one will contact you, asking you to confirm contact details, officially approve the transfer, and other questions like the reason for changing your domain registrar, etc. Make sure all the contact information you have provided to both the registrars is correct.
  9. Payment for Transferring a Domain Name: Transferring your domain name to NTSPL Hosting will require payment, and you can pay using your credit card or online payment services like PayPal. Depending on various services, you can choose to pay yearly. Some domain transfer services offer the first year of service for free.
  10. Finalizing the Domain Transfer: At last, your old registrar will release your domain, but for the new registrar to configure your domain and servers, they will take some time – say a few days or maybe a week. Until that time, your domain will still be accessible from the previous registrar.
  11. Decide on a Public or Private Domain: You can choose the type of domain depending on your requirements. Some domain name transfer companies in India allow you to conceal public WHOIS information for your website. However, choosing a private domain name transfer company in India will be costlier comparatively.
  12. Cancellation of the Previous Service: The domain transfer will not immediately be effective. Once the request is made, it takes about 5 to 24 hours to propagate in all Internet Service Providers- after which everything will run smoothly! Cancellation of the previous registrar must come only after you successfully transfer the domain to the new registrar. After you have confirmed that everything is working with the new service, cancel the old service because failing to do so will keep charging you.

Rules You Must Know About Transferring a Domain Name

If you plan on changing a domain registrar, there are a few critical rules that you must acquaint yourself with for a smooth transferring process. Even if you opt for domain transfer services from experts, you should know about these rules.

  • Check eligibility according to the ICANN transfer policy
  • Temporarily disable private registration
  • Keep your information up to date
  • Make sure you unlock the domain name before changing a domain registrar
  • Update DNS records to make the process easier
  • Retrieve authorization code


1) How long will it take to transfer a domain name?

It usually takes 5-7 days to transfer a domain name, but it can take longer depending on various factors.

2) Is transferring a domain name free of cost?

Although some domain transfer services offer promotional offers where you can get the first year free, the process is not free of cost.

3) Why can’t I change a domain registrar?

If you have recently purchased a domain, you will have to wait for 60 days before changing your domain registrar.

4) Are you facing any trouble transferring your domain name from Net4India?

You directly contact to NTSPL Support desk at +91-8260003333 / send an email at support@ntspl.co.in if you are facing any trouble transferring your domain name from Net4India because Net4 has already shutdown their business and every client of Net4India are facing huge trouble to get any support from them.


You can opt for domain transfer services from quite a few domain name transfer companies in India. NTSPL offers domain transfer services at affordable rates. Further, transferring domain names to NTSPL Hosting is easy. You can connect with our experts, who can help you walk through the process. You can also transfer more than one domain and get a bulk price from NTSPL. NTSPL has helped many small, medium, and large enterprises switch to India’s leading domain registration company over the years.