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What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

The type of internet hosting where the client lets out a complete server with all of its resources that are not shared with anyone else is known as dedicated server hosting services. It is also known as a dedicated server, a dedicated hosting service, or a managed hosting service. In this type of internet hosting, the server or servers are entirely controlled by the organizations using the service. It provides more flexibility than shared hosting, as you can choose your operating system, required hardware, etc.

Types of Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting services are generally of two types: standard managed to host and complex managed hosting. The main difference between the two lies in the extent of administrative support and engineering support a customer pays for. With the jump from standard to complex managed service, there is an increase in the physical size and intricacies of the infrastructure categorization. There are quite a few similarities between these two types of dedicated server hosting services on most other grounds. To know more about dedicated server hosting, you can count on the experts at NTSPL, a renowned dedicated server provider in India.

Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting Services

Opting for a dedicated server provider in India comes with a handful of benefits. They are:

  • Since the server is dedicated for use by a single organization, the organization can exercise complete control over the server. The physical server, the operating systems, and the various software and applications it comes with are controlled by the particular organization’s IT sector.
  • One of the essential benefits of using a dedicated server hosting service is optimizing its performance according to the organization’s unique and customized requirements.
  • A dedicated server is highly flexible- you can not only play around with the server configurations but also adjust resources and add new software to your business’s specific needs.
  • The flexible nature of dedicated servers enables businesses to customize and implement their security according to their personalized needs.
  • A dedicated server offers a much better return on investment.

Why Do You Need A Dedicated Server?

When you have just launched a business, you should build a fully functional website to have an online presence. Along with several other priority decisions, you also have to choose an internet hosting service- and it is best to opt for a shared hosting platform due to the low cost. But once your business achieves a specific growth rate where it can regularly attract a good number of consumers, you should upgrade to a dedicated service provider because it’s one of the most potent servers presently available.

You can get a trusted, dedicated service provider in India, and you can choose among the options depending on your company’s budget and specific requirements.

  • Efficient Handling of Server and Traffic Load: If you are sure about your business website’s steady growth, shifting from shared hosting to a dedicated server hosting company in India might be the right choice. The volume of traffic that your site receives directly impacts its functionality. With the increase in your web traffic, your site’s performance can come down drastically if it is still using shared hosting. Bounce rates will be higher, and your site might even crash due to the overburdening. Moreover, if the server you are using also hosts several other sites, the chances are that all these sites’ performance will be below average because there are too many backlog processes that need to be cleared. A dedicated server can solve this problem in an instant. FXBlog says your website should be able to handle traffic spikes of up to 30 times the usual, especially during special promotional events. Otherwise, your site might crash entirely or lead to other negative user experiences.
  • An Enhanced Model of Security: Security is of utmost importance when it comes to online businesses. The importance of security increases manifolds if your business deals with collecting and handling sensitive data of your clientele. This information could include bank details, identification details, confidential emails, and other crucial customer details, which should be protected at all costs. Shared hosting servers are often susceptible to security breaches and even viruses, cyber hackers, and other forms of online risks. And since you are not directly involved with the workings of the server in shared hosting, it might be weeks or even months before you realize that your website’s security has been compromised. A dedicated server hosting service gives you complete authority over your website’s security and protection. You have the liberty to make vital changes and optimize the server’s features in a way that complies with your requirements. This flexible nature of a dedicated server minimizes your online security risks. Depending on the service provider you choose, you can opt for fully managed or semi-managed plans and specify the host’s responsibility. You can choose dedicated server hosting by NTSPL to avail all these options.
  • Optimal Page Loading Times: Poor page loading times can effectively reduce your web traffic. Most people merely wait for a few seconds for any page to load, after which they immediately press the back button and look into other competitor sites that are faster. Page load time has assumed so much importance that even Google has incorporated loading speeds into SEO. If you opt for a dedicated server hosting company in India, you will be able to control the bandwidth you require for faster page loading of your site at all times. Unlike in shared hosting, you will not have to be in the dark about when other sites are using your server’s resources.
  • Complete Control over your Server: If complete control over your server is what you need to improve your online business, then a dedicated server is the best option. It is flexible enough to allow you to customize the server according to your preferences and requirements. Shared hosting does not allow customization- you have to work with the pre-loaded operating environment, software, and applications. On the other hand, with dedicated server hosting services, you can even select the server software! The benefits do not end here- you can opt for your preferred operating system and adjust the server’s hardware settings according to your business demands. If you leap a dedicated server, these advantages will definitely help you build a better and stronger online business.

When Do You Need Dedicated Server Hosting Services?

When you realize that a VPS or Virtual Private Server provides many of the features of a dedicated server, that too at a lower cost, you might want to reconsider your decision to shift to the latter. Thus, there are a few things you should consider before making the jump.

Your entire decision will depend on how much increase there has been in your web traffic since you started your business. If there has been a significant rise, it is time to shift from shared hosting. A dedicated server will provide better security over a VPS. If your business deals with sensitive information, opting for a dedicated service provider in India is all you need!


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