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What is Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is a type of website hosting that uses multiple servers to balance the load and increase uptime. This simply means your website can use a cluster of resources instead of just one server. Therefore, even if one server stops responding, the next one gets in to keep everything functioning. To bring you the details of how cloud hosting works, we spoke to experts from a few companies offering cloud hosting provider in Bhubaneswar. So keep reading to find out!

With the world moving faster every day, it is essential for companies now to have a storage system that is faster, more efficient, cost-effective, and accessible for everybody alike. The two words answer to all these needs is cloud hosting. Unlike other storage systems, companies have little expertise on the matter and use it to its full potential. Cloud 2.0 is an upgrade to the previous version that enables users to do much more than just store their data.

Why you need to shift from traditional hosting to Cloud Hosting

If you are still using the old storage, we are sure you may be facing these issues. Purchasing a physical server is not possible for every business. A company has to have a dedicated person maintaining and operating the server. Accessing the server is also complicated as you have to use third-party software. Additionally, unlike a cloud server hosting security is an issue as a physical storage system does not come built-in. An in-house server also takes up more energy and space, costing much more than any other storage solution. Hardware solutions are even more difficult as they take time to transfer data; they are not shareable and not computable.

Cloud server hosting is equivalent to living on rent. Another company owns a server, but you will be given a space on the same server for a fee. With cloud hosting services, you do not have to worry about managing the system for its security, access, etc. You can improve your company’s functionality with these services as it will save time, be cost-effective, data is more shareable. An additional feature of this is that you can work from a remote location, and no physical form of office is required. This helps significantly in situations like these where you have to stay in necessarily and cannot get out. In a case like this, cloud hosting services ensure that the company and its work go on regardless.

Understanding the Working of Cloud Server Hosting

Cloud hosting is an online storage system that a service provider owns. You have to procure cloud hosting services from a service provider. It’s just the same as using a public cloud but more secure and reliable. It is more suitable for corporate organizations as it offers more security and efficiency of work. Data has an essential part of the company. It must not be breached, and only cloud server hosting services can help you. Some examples of cloud hosting services are Microsoft Azure Partner, AWS, LiquidWeb Cloud, Google Cloud.

Companies like eBay and Samsung are already using Microsoft Azure Partner services. If you are beginning to look for cloud hosting services, AWS can a perfect fit that offers computing power, database storage options, networking, and other functionalities that can help you scale up your business online.

Here are some features of cloud hosting services that might help you make up your mind about whether you want a cloud hosting service for your company:

  • Cost-efficient: As mentioned earlier, in-house servers cost way more because they take up more space and consume more electricity. They require additional personnel to take care of them too. All these things add up to a much higher cost than the functionality this device offers. Any other option is outdated and will not perform well. So, it is only a cloud hosting service that can offer you all the features at a reasonable price.
  • Easy Access: Accessing data online via a cloud hosting service is effortless. You can access on any device, making the data secure but readily available to you. Mostly, you have a username and password code to access your data from any device. Besides, you do not need any third-party software to use the platform, saving time for the employees to learn it and use it.
  • Easy Usage: Cloud hosting does not require any fancy software to access it, which means that the user interface is made for a layperson to use and familiarise with. One is already used to the drag and drop feature present in most of the OSs. There are many other elements apart from that to get a comfortable, painless experience.
  • Share Data Conveniently: Files and data online are easily the most shareable content. Data on physical storage devices have to be put into a mail or message and sent over. Many third-party apps also distort and decrease the quality of a file. That does not happen when you share a file through a cloud platform. The file remains intact, and you can send it to anyone with just a link.
  • Encourages Group Effort: For group work on online servers and cloud, you do not even have to get together physically, and work will still go on. Multiple people can work on the same thing simultaneously without the work getting affected.
  • High Efficiency: Cloud hosting efficiency is very high because it takes less time and energy to do the same tasks. Got a group project? Just get all the people on the server and work together on the document or slide. Have to share some data with multiple people? Just put it on the server for everyone to access. Need to store data as soon as possible? Cloud storage is the solution as it does not have any upload or download time.
  • Reduced Time: The data takes much less time to upload and download on the cloud, which is not the case with physical storage. This does not feel like a lot of time, but it results in a significant saving on time on a cumulative scale.


These are all you might want to know about cloud hosting services before opting for service for yourself. With Cloud hosting services, day-to-day business operations become much more comfortable with this service at your disposal. NTSPL is a trusted name when it comes to offering cloud hosting services. With us, you benefit from managing your business in a much better way with high speed and agility. We offer cloud server hosting solutions that are custom-designed by our cloud engineers. These solutions provide maximum network performance.

A reliable cloud hosting provider in Bhubaneswar is not easy to find, but once you find one, you’ll be much happier with your company’s workings and the progress with the help of a cloud hosting service.