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We all understand the importance of backing up our data, but doing it manually costs us a significant amount of time and effort. However, now with the website backup through CodeGuard, you can let automation do your website backup. Apart from having the obvious benefit – which you can now restore your website data in a few simple clicks, an automatic website backup tool also makes the process convenient and hassle-free.

Why is Website Backup Necessary?

Security breaches make it to the news quite often, even today. Having said that, having a website backup is something you should consider for the following reasons:

  • To Fight Against Cyber-attacks: Virus attacks are nothing new, and it is not getting any lesser every year. Many websites’ data get compromised every day, where the business loses reputation and stolen data.
  • Business Loss: Ecommerce websites can lose a lot if their websites go down, even for a few seconds. But backups can help restore in a smooth and fast manner.
  • Prevent from Failures: Hardware and software are not unfamiliar, but you can prevent data loss during software failures or hardware failures with backups.

Benefits of Website Backup

Here are some of the website backup services in India.

  • Increased Security: Cloud backup will always be more secure than manual backups because cloud backups are encrypted. Some automated website backup tools, like CodeGuard website backup, uses 256-bit AES encryption, which also features malware scanners and remediation tools. Since your website will be stored in encrypted servers, threats and risks will be significantly minimal. Even if your hardware storage gets damaged or stolen, you can quickly restore your website from the cloud.
  • Prevention of Data Loss: Our data gets deleted for many reasons, including its virus threat, accidental deletion, sync issues, etc., but you don’t have to fear ever losing data with cloud backup. Data and files are essential in most businesses, losing which might cause a significant impact on your business.
  • Enhanced Reliability: A server crash and system failures occur all the time, but with cloud backup, you can easily reduce the downtime and restore the data quickly. You can prevent your business’ website from gaining a negative reputation for being not accessible. Higher uptime is what makes the user experience of your website satisfactory.
  • Data Versioning: All backups will have version names and tags so that it is easier for you to restore whichever version you like.
  • Accessibility: Automatic website backup tools provide another benefit – accessibility. Since you store your data in the cloud, you can access your data or backups at any time or from anywhere, considering you have a device and internet. One of the most convenient features is that you can even access your backups from mobile devices.
  • Synchronization: Synchronization is another benefit of an automatic website backup tool, making it possible to access the latest changes or updates made to your backed-up files from any device.
  • Resource Management: Website backup services in India will take care of all your backup so that your internal IT team can focus on more critical tasks than monitoring. This feature is helpful to small businesses that cannot afford the human workforce for these tasks.

What is CodeGuard? How can You Take Backup of Your Website Data through Codeguard?

CodeGuard website backup is a cloud-based automatic backup service that provides monitoring and tracking services for your website and sends notifications via email.

CodeGuard backups your website data in 4 automated processes.

  1. Connecting With the Website: This first step is simple where CodeGuard requires some of your credentials to connect with your website.
  2. Backup Creation: First, CodeGuard creates the initial backup and then tracks any changes and stores your data on the cloud. After this, you can configure the settings according to your requirements.
  3. Monitoring: CodeGuard monitors all the recent changes made to your data or website and sends you notifications. Among the notifications, any harmful viruses or threats will be included in case there are any.
  4. Restoration: CodeGuard allows you to have a repository of backups, making it easier for you to restore to a previous date without hassle.

Features of CodeGuard

Website backup through CodeGuard offers you the following features:

  1. Automatic Website Backup: CodeGuard automatically backs up any changes to your data and gives you the option to restore to your previous version.
  2. CodeGuard Daily Monitoring: CodeGuard monitors your website regularly for any changes so that it can notify you in time in case of any foreign threats or attacks. This is helpful because you don’t have to keep worrying about threats while working.
  3. Mobile Access: Mobile devices today are very commonly used because of their convenience. CodeGuard features let you access your backups from your mobile devices.
  4. Website Migration: Website migration is not always hassle-free, but CodeGuard allows you to migrate your website easily.
  5. MalwareGone: MalwareGone is a cleanup tool that comes with CodeGuard, which will automatically scan and fix any threats on your website. Website backup through CodeGuard also means you will receive timely notification in any malicious attempts through ChnageAlert email notifications.


Your website is the sole warrior of your business in the digital space. Any problems related to your websites, such as downtime, low speed, or data loss, can also have a severe impact on your business. Website backup services in India provide support for your website to protect you from such problems. You can seek expert help from NTSPL Hosting who help website backup, change tracking, and roll back to a previous backup super easily.

At NTSPL Hosting, we believe that CodeGuard is not just a solution but a strength that every corporate website needs to remain protected from attacks, hackers, viruses, etc., that pose a threat to your website. NTSPL’s five different CodeGuard packages are affordable for everyone and can be equipped with any budget. Be aware that no matter which package you choose, you don’t have to miss out on anything special, as the only difference between the packages is storage and website quantity that can be backed up with CodeGuard.