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Thinking of buying an SSL certificate? You need to make sure that it will come from a reputable and trustworthy provider. SSL stands for ‘secure sockets layer’ and it is the internet security technology standard that is used to establish a safe or encrypted link between your browser and the website. Hence, it ensures that your website is private and safe from hackers and third-parties who may want to steal information or spy on your customers and their activities. SSL certificate providers differ in terms of prices and packages that they offer, and some of the most reliable ones may be offshore, in India. The following tips should help you select the best SSL certificate provider in India:

  • Pick a leading certificate provider – Make sure that the company is recognized as one of the largest providers of SSL certificates, and that they provide hassle-free and simple ways for their customers to obtain their SSL certificates. They should be able to offer certificates from leading certification authorities (CA) in the world, like Comodo, Symantec, Rapid SSL, Certum, Thawte, and GeoTrust.
  • Verify that they use a valid SSL certificate, too – When you visit the website of the SSL certificate provider, check if they are authenticated and certified themselves. Make sure they have an EV (extended validation) SSL from a third-party authority. Consider choosing a provider that has a green browser address bar that displays its EV certificate.
  • Look for a provider that offers reliable, round-the-clock support – It is important that you will be able to get in touch with the SSL certificate provider in India regardless of the time of day or the season, in case something goes wrong. Hence, make sure they offer 24/7 online and phone support.
  • Read reviews and case studies – Reputable companies will have good reviews to verify their claims and the efficacy of their services. Be sure to look up case studies on the SSL certificates that they offer, too, so you can further understand the benefits of SSL for your website.