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Building and managing a website has become easy. However, getting keen security services for a website is quite hard. When a website is made, we need necessary gadgets to protect the website by asserting malware remover tool, website monitoring tool, DDOS protection, etc.

What is Site-Lock?

SiteLock is a cloud-based tool that protects your website by scanning malware and other non- required viruses. It is the total security provided by many sitelock services companies in India.

SiteLock Security Services includes malware remover tool, website monitoring tool, DDOS protection for your website. SiteLock security detects the malware and harmful viruses and fix the problems or any risk encountered by search browsers.

Site- Lock security provided by sitelock services company in India scans the SQL injections faults and scripting of cross sites. It also functions by forming comments to find the harmful vulnerabilities sent by hackers for breaking in. Site- Lock security informs the user if any threat is found. The alert is sent through email.

Why do you need your website secured?

Every website needs to be protected. The growing means of digital use have brought the rise in security breach, illegal website hacking and many such notorious acts. Each website needs to protect its data, especially customers’ private information that includes usernames, passwords, user pins or credit card information.

Whether large or small, most of the websites face trouble if it detects malwares or is hacked. At this point, you are at the risk of losing the trust of your users and customers. Hence, it is necessary to get security services for websites with a malware remover tool, website monitoring tool, and DDOS protection.

We offer a range of security services for your website. With proper safety, you gain a fair amount of reputation for your website. When your site is free from viruses or phishing scams, the visitors tend to stick on your website for a longer time.

Suppose your website is not protected through any security tools such as malware remover tool, website monitoring tool, or DDOS protection. In that case, the site may get easily hacked and damage the visitor’s data.

AS NTSPL Hosting brings the best services at your doorstep, we aid in bringing your website high in google rankings. The websites are always scanned by SiteLock. If any web-page does not include a SiteLock pad, the Search Engines immediately warn the visitor.

How can NTSPL Hosting work for your website?

NTSPL is a web hosting company that rules the reign of being the best SiteLock services offering company in India. We take pride in providing security services for the website. Thus, we are known as the most trustworthy website security provider.

Site-Lock services provided by NTSPL protects your website from viruses, bot attacks, hackers, identity thefts, search engine blacklists, malware, etc.

You can be relieved to have your website secured with daily malware, network, and FTP scan, etc.

How NTSPL’s SiteLock Service Company in India Works?

With our SiteLock facility, we screen every vulnerability on your website everyday to identify security theft. With that said, we also check emails, applications, and spam filters.

Here are a few SiteLock services that we offer:

Website Files – SiteLock from NTSPL makes robust FTP scans to accumulate file threats and check for certain security loopholes and malware injections. Also, if found, SiteLock fixes them instantly before the risk could take over your site.

Emails Scan – SiteLock will check your website and servers to send the harmful emails in the spam box. That makes your website perfectly safe from any phishing activities.

Changes to Files – SiteLock’s deep FTP scan helps alert any modifications done to your files without your concern. This will detect any unauthorized editing happening on your website before causing any damage.

Website Application Scan – SiteLock informs you of the security ambiguity with website applications like Drupal, Joomla, PHP Nuke, WordPress, e-commerce sites, etc. The security checks for uncertain breakage and necessary relevant updates.

To add to that, our ultimate website security services offered in India will inform you of the latest upgrades.

Visitor Traffic – SiteLock’s security Trueshield Firewall creates a protection field around the website to identify the malware threat. Through its malware protection tool, SiteLock security uses the global network to detect malicious traffic.

SSL Scan – Your website SiteLock security checks for the active SSL certificate of your website.

XSS Scan – In XSS scan, SiteLock penetrates your website through cross-scripting techniques to check its vulnerability.

Advisories – With Advisories, SiteLock gets a monthly check done on your website for issues with extra redirects and cookies. That will help you to improve your security like back-to-back encryption.

Spam Scan – SiteLock runs a scan through your domain to confirm if it’s genuine or spam.

Search Engine Blacklist – Your website is monitored rigorously. It detects more than 5000+ malware sites to ensure your website is not connected to any of the blacklisted sites.

As a result, SiteLock security not just helps in protecting your website with the above scans, it also boosts your organic traffic and google ranking.


It is wisely said, “One investment leads to a lot of benefits.” SiteLock provides you with unique pros once you receive it. That is to say, NTSPL Hosting offers customers a range of the best SiteLock services to help you with a seamless experience.

Get in touch with us now and secure your website with the most efficient services offered by us for SiteLock.