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Are you planning to get your business online? Do you wish to develop your first website? It’s best to not buy an entire server but have a small storage space that can suffice the load of your website. With Shared Hosting, you get a dedicated control panel and a storage space for making it accessible to the public online. What is shared hosting, then? Let’s now take a look at what shared hosting is all about, the advantages of shared hosting, the shared hosting services in India to look out for, and more.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting lets the use of a single server to host multiple websites. It entails hosting your website on a server that also hosts numerous other websites. We, the best shared hosting provider in India, provide features such as hi-end data-centers, free setup, 99.9% up-time with technical support 24/7, also the availability of Plesk and CPanel, IIS, MySql, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, and so much more.

The cost of maintaining a server is split among all the users in shared hosting making it a cost-efficient method.The advantages of shared hosting can be best enjoyed by small websites and blogs that don’t require high bandwidth or advanced configurations. Shared hosting comes equipped with a built-in control panel, thereby making it simpler for one to manage their website.

How Does Shared Hosting Work?

In order to understand the advantages of shared hosting and how the shared hosting services in India can benefit you, let us first explain to you how shared hosting works.

Servers host every website on the internet. That is how the users can access it from anywhere. When a website’s URL is typed into the browser, that address is then used by the browser to determine where the site is stored.

The browser then proceeds to request for information from the server about the website. All the necessary data is provided by the server, and the browser displays the web page. Post this, interaction between the user and the site can take place by clicking on links, navigating to other pages, filling out forms, etc.

Through the advantages of shared hosting, all the files for different websites are stored by a single server at once, which is then responsible for providing information about them. This is what makes it the opposite of a dedicated server, which hosts just a single website. One of the advantages of shared hosting, which could be accessible to you if you avail a shared hosting service in India, is that the host owning the server is also responsible for maintaining it, thereby reducing your work in the process.

Advantages of Shared Hosting

Wondering why you should look into the shared hosting services in India? To answer that question, knowing the advantages of shared hosting is imperative. Here are some of the advantages of shared hosting you should know about:

  • Cost-Efficient: The web hosting server and maintenance costs are reduced in shared hosting as the disk space, bandwidth, and other resources are shared among many people. This enables businesses to create a website of a high quality on an affordable budget. Despite the service being inexpensive, you can get access to some well-maintained storage. Additional features are also provided, including a user-friendly website building software, marketing tools, a domain name, and so on.
  • User-Friendly: Several technological advances have been made in website user interfaces over the years. Shared hosting is extremely convenient and user-friendly despite the level of one’s skills, and this is especially because of the combination of configuring the web host’s upload to the server and drag-and-drop website building. Once you have chosen the shared hosting service you want to go for and have uploaded your website files, all that needs to be done is the web host linking your domain to your hosting account. After this, your customized website design will be up and it will soon be receiving traffic as well.Uploading photos and updating your files can be done quickly with the help of easy-to-use control panel interfaces. You can also be provided with marketing tools, visitor statistics, and email accounts in order to bring in new visitors to your website.
  • Effective Support and Maintenance: In shared hosting, the maintenance of the server, hardware, and other important components is done by extremely skilled web hosts. Efficient website maintenance is provided, including technical support and fast response rates. Since the same server is utilized by multiple clients wherein the same technological issue affects everyone, web hosting maintains and effectively responds to solve the security issues and technical problems. This is a great news for entrepreneurs and business owners as they don’t have to possess any knowledge in relation to maintaining the servers. The web host can focus on the server equipment while you focus on your business.
  • Space to Grow: There could be a time when the online presence of a website exceeds the limitations of the shared resources, and bandwidth could be one of those crucial resources. This will cause the website to load at a slower pace on a shared hosting server. Remember that growth in website traffic is a positive point and not a problem with regards to starting with shared hosting. Helping your business grow through this flexible and cost-efficient option enables you to transfer in a hassle-free manner to higher hosting tiers to encourage quicker content delivery and heavier traffic flow.


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