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Web hosting is vital for every business with an online presence. It is the primary process using which a business can promote its existence and let people know about it. Now, there are a few broad categories of hosting, which includes –

Reseller Hosting in India allows the account owner to carry out reselling activities.

What is Reseller Hosting Service in India?

Reseller Hosting Business is the concept under which an organization or individual purchases or rents out disk space and bandwidth from another service provider. Their goal is to sell these acquired products and services to another third-party organization or individual. That’s the concept from where the term “resell” came. Experts believe that Reseller Hosting Services in India is one of the most economical methods for web hosting.

Reliability, affordability, and flexibility are some of the primary USPs of Reseller Hosting in India. The process helps people and organizations to create and maintain small businesses along with generating income. Of course, not the whole concept of web hosting is so simple. The method demands clear and basic information associated with the hosting services. Based on the reseller hosting plan you choose, around 10 to 250 different cPanel accounts are compatible.

A cPanel is simply an advanced-level control panel that makes the management of domains easier. It becomes easier to publish websites, create new email accounts, arrange files on the internet, and more. Reseller hosting helps designers and developers offer better web hosting services to local clients and other customers. Moreover, individuals trying to launch their separate Reseller Hosting Business will also require Reseller Hosting In India.

Reseller hosting offers you a wide range of incredible benefits, and this post is a short guide to understand why reseller hosting is good or bad for individuals and organizations. However, before moving ahead, let us understand the difference between the reseller and shared hosting services.

Reseller vs. Shared Hosting

When you are considering reseller hosting vs. shared hosting, both indeed look identical initially. The primary reason for the confusion is a significant similarity in both cases: the multiple sharing of an apex server. Now, the significant difference is associated with the division or distribution of the computing resources.

In reseller hosting, there is a massive server that you can share with several other people. However, in shared hosting, every user gets a single server that is big enough for an individual website. In the case of shared hosting, you are simply sharing a server’s resources with multiple users or websites. On the other hand, in the case of reseller hosting, you are the one who is eligible to host multiple websites.

What are the Advantages of Reseller Hosting?

As mentioned earlier, there is a comprehensive line of benefits of Reseller Hosting Business, and here is a list of the primary ones.

Lower Expenses and Cost

Reseller hosting offers a wide range of packages that offer several resources without increasing the expense level. The concept is similar to a wholesaler selling bulk products at a lower cost than just one or two pieces as a retailer does. As a result, Reseller Hosting Business is the most effective option for the ones who are trying to launch a new business. Moreover, there are zero requirements for purchasing the technology, equipment, or infrastructure that you will indeed require to offer hosting services professionally to other users.

Business Is the Focus

Choosing reseller hosting over the other categories is beneficial because it saves you a lot of time. Instead of getting stuck with the several technical aspects of the hosting business, it is possible to take care of all the other easier aspects. As you already know, taking care of all other technicalities is responsible for the apex web hosting service selling or renting out the various features to you. This includes every responsibility related to security, connectivity, server maintenance, and updates.

Room for Expansion

If you have a website that generates a considerable amount of traffic and has several pages, reseller hosting is the best option. Moreover, if your business has multiple websites, selecting reseller hosting services means you get a larger space and several features. For example, different components of your website can be run utilizing multiple servers and URLs. You won’t even have to buy a separate hosting package because anything you obtain comes under the primary package.

Additional Features

When you compare basic hosting packages with reseller hosting ones, the latter offers a wider range of features. The control panel that you get in case of reseller hosting is a lot more effective too. Hence, it becomes easier to manage websites very smoothly. Additionally, several agencies will offer you special features like cPanel and several SSL certificates.

Brand Building

Of course, under reseller hosting, you are acquiring resources from a bigger web hosting service provider. However, with this, you have an opportunity of building the main brand image and creating your identity too. It means that when you are hosting other websites, your clients won’t have the slightest idea that you have bought or hired the same resources on rent from another service provider.

Income Opportunities

There is considerable scope of additional income with reseller hosting if you decide to sell add-ons. For example, SSL certificates, domain registrations, dedicated IP, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting are some of the add-ons that can fetch you quite an amount of extra profit.

What are The Disadvantages of Reseller Hosting?

Everything comes with a set of both advantages and disadvantages, and reseller hosting is no exception. While the advantages of reseller hosting overshadow the disadvantages, it is still good to be aware of both.

Here is a list of the primary disadvantages of reseller hosting:

Major Dependency on the Apex Web Hosting Agency

There is no dilemma about the fact that the apex hosting agency that sells or rents our resources will have a direct impact on your business. For example, the quality of the server will be a major factor, and a higher amount of technical issues means that the same will harm your business and reputation.

Customer Service Demands a Lot of Time

If you are launching a web hosting business, irrespective of the type of hosting, catering to customer queries is mandatory. Moreover, if you don’t invest enough time troubleshooting and resolving queries, it can negatively impact your business’s reputation.

The Difficulty Level Is High

If you are not a pro at managing a business website, you will most likely find the control panels and features of reseller hosting quite challenging.

Changing Providers Impact Client Ratio

If you decide to shift from one service provider to another, the problem will be shifting every bit of data and the process. This process can be highly challenging and risky too. Therefore, it is preferable to have a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or a proper dedicated server.


Now that you are clear about the pros and cons of Reseller Hosting in India, it is clear that the same is a good option for launching a new Reseller Hosting Business. It is also a great choice for designers and developers. However, for those who are yet to gain knowledge about professional website management, reseller hosting may be difficult. Therefore, it is best to conduct thorough research and determine a more comfortable option for you.

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