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Your business website serves as the home for your brand, and customers visit it. As a result, they anticipate complete security. This includes no leakage or mismanagement of personal data that a user may be required to input as part of the website’s security verification process. That is when you would need good Sitelock website security services in India.

Let’s start by listing down some of the most advanced security measures that we would implement to ensure 100% safety at a physical store. You can install surveillance cameras or a digital door lock. On the other hand, stacking goods on shelves properly is another way of ensuring no unwanted accidents. So, what are you trying to protect here? Of course, the answer is the safety of your customers. Besides, that’s the way to protect the store against any robbery.

Similarly, website security services are imperative too. Every business person must be aware that their online businesses can also be exposed to digital accidents.

The best option to keep security breaches at bay is to adapt to Sitelock website security services in India. Some of the common violations include data theft and hacking, which are drastically increasing nowadays. Therefore, using website scanning tools is mandatory for everyone who owns a business website.

Even before discussing the need for Sitelock website security services in India, it is essential to be aware of the most common risks and threats. Here is a list of some of those, but this is not all-inclusive, of course!

  • Spam
  • Spyware
  • Virus
  • Hacking
  • Phishing
  • Trojan
  • Adware

While these are just a handful, digital thieves and hackers are well-equipped with several advanced software and tools that can attack websites within a couple of minutes only.

Why do you need Sitelock website security services in India?

It’s essential to understand the importance of website security services and why online brands should use website scanning tools. Any security damage to a website can cost the business owner millions, irrespective of the size.

One cyber-attack can instantly lead to the shutting down of a medium or small-sized business within just a few weeks. Therefore, investing in features like Sitelock may seem stressful initially, but these decisions can prove extremely beneficial in the long run.

NTSPL Sitelock Security

  • Automatically Prevents Attacks: Sitelock monitors your website 24×7 for vulnerabilities and assaults.
  • Boosts Customer Trust: Customers search for a sense of security before sharing personal details online. Sitelock Trust Seal not only reassures clients but also improves revenue.
  • Starts Working Instantly: You don’t require experience to install and set up Sitelock for your website. Sitelock is cloud-based and quickly scans your website and email.
  • Scans Daily: Sitelock examines every part of your web presence every day for security. It not only examines your website, email, and apps but also blacklists search engines.
  • Identifies Threats: The 360-degree scan & powerful firewall uncover advanced vulnerabilities before they can damage your website, so you’re a step ahead of cyberpunk.
  • Instantly Notifies and Fixes: Sitelock operates in the background to protect your website. Sitelock does not identify threats and fixes them automatically.

Here’s a list of the primary reasons you benefit from when you invest in Sitelock website security services in India:

Customer Protection

As mentioned earlier, the primary goal of adopting security and safety measures is customer protection. This is irrespective of whether you have a business online or own a physical store. Presently, with the evolution of the internet and its increasing accessibility, people rely on it for all suggestions.

Whether it is for restaurants to visit or daily products and services, the internet is the best solution for everything. During the course, there are several times when a person may have to enter personal information, which is a treasure for hackers. For example, social security numbers, birthdays, credit card details, phone numbers, and names are standard information that most websites demand verification purposes.

These are all sensitive information, and if a website does not invest in Sitelock website security services in India, it may be an opportunity for criminals. Business owners’ responsibility is to utilize different website scanning tools such as Sitelock to ensure data encryption and safeguarding.

Protection of Assets

When you use website scanning tools, it ensures website security and your assets’ protection. When you make way for hackers by ignoring website security and encryption, they do more than just stealing customer’s data. They can install harmful viruses that can damage your website within a couple of minutes. As a result, your physical machines will get impacted quickly.

As a business owner, you are the best person to understand the financial loss you may face if there is a negative impact on your physical assets. It will be much higher than how much you will invest in purchasing a set of website scanning tools. The cost of damage will include the price of the system and professional fees for the person you hire.

Keeps Your Reputation in Place

Another primary reason you must invest in Sitelock website security services in India is to save your brand’s reputation. One negative impact on the business website can lower your position in the market instantly.

What could be worse than negative publicity about your brand due to a security breach on your website? Currently, several media houses feed on such incidents. While they earn from such news, your business will face losses from every side due to carelessness initially.

Protection of Proprietary Information

The majority of businesses create private applications, systems, and propriety information that is not supposed to be accessible to the general public. If you do not utilize website scanning tools properly, the webpage is no less than a goldmine for clever hackers. They can easily infiltrate your business’s operations.

Now, exposure to trade secrets can cost you a massive amount of money. As a result, your brand can come to dissolution, and you may have to start from the ground level too. Therefore, backing up information is mandatory, and securing cloud services is essential too.

Prevents Sales Loss

Your website getting hacked can lead to a massive loss in terms of productivity and excessive downtime. It means that there could be a substantial amount of sales loss against the business viability policies. Therefore, using website scanning tools is essential to ensure that the online business is not unprotected. Such security efforts result in the prevention of loss in sales.


So, it is evident that specific proactive steps can reduce the odds of cybercrimes and threats to your website. Therefore, you should not waste much time and start approaching the security gaps in your business website to ensure there are no vulnerabilities.

The security systems offered by NTSPL help you protect your website by providing Daily Malware Scan, Trust Seal, Security Alerts, SSL Verification, etc. NTSPL offers four packages – Basic, Professional, Premium, and Enterprise, starting at Rs. 1499 annually. Since 2007, the team of web security experts has been helping businesses stay worry-free and concentrate on their prime business.