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Considering the incredible popularity, it is clear that Amazon Web Services do not require a formal introduction at all. It is one of the leading cloud service providers out in the market. Moreover, it offers more than 170 AWS services to developers globally to easily access when there is a requirement, irrespective of their location.

AWS cloud service presently has customers spread across more than 190 countries. This includes around 2000 government organizations and almost 5000 ed-tech institutions. For example, ESPN, BBC, Adobe, Facebook, Netflix, Twitter, and more are some leading companies requiring and using Amazon Web Services.

Now, before moving ahead with the concept of AWS, let us shed some light on AWS cloud service or, simply, cloud computing.

What is the meaning of cloud computing?

It is nothing but delivering several online services such as software, databases, and servers to users. However, when you opt for cloud computing, there is no requirement of storing data separately in local machines. Moreover, you can access important information whenever required and from anywhere in the world.

What is the meaning of AWS cloud service?

Amazon Web Services include online platforms that offer cost-effective and scalable cloud solutions. You can refer to AWS as one of the broadest cloud platforms offering on-demand operations. For example, content delivery, database storage, computing power, and more are some of the operations offered by AWS to aid clients to grow and scale easily.

If you want to understand AWS professional services better, it is important to first understand how massive the concept is. AWS is quite a big deal, and the following pointers will help to prove the point better:

  • The 2019 total revenue of Amazon Web Services reached over $35 billion. If it were an independent company, AWS would have secured the 359th rank in the Global 500 list of the Fortune magazine.
  • One out of every three websites that you will visit uses AWS services.

Application of AWS professional services

When you choose the AWS cloud service, it will aid in building several sophisticated applications. Moreover, all types of organizations from even the smallest industries can run all imaginable cases using AWS. Below is a list of the primary AWS applications:

Backup and storage

When you can find a good AWS service provider, they will help a business with several types of storage. Not only can you choose from multiple storage options, but you can also access all of them from any place across the world. AWS can also be used for file indexing and storage. Moreover, AWS professional services can help in running vital business applications.

Website and gaming

Businesses can use professional AWS cloud services for website hosting. On the other hand, there is a major computing power requirement required for the running of gaming applications. With the help of AWS, it is now possible to offer the best gaming experience to online gamers all around the world.

Social, Web, and Mobile Applications

AWS’ ability to launch and scale mobile, e-commerce, and SaaS applications sets it apart from other cloud services. Companies can build uncompromisingly scalable applications on AWS using API-driven code, which does not require any OS or other systems.

What are the benefits of using AWS professional services?

An AWS service provider offers services to allow businesses to enter new markets with little upfront investment. The following are some of the benefits of using AWS services:

  • Security: There is a major misconception that the important data transferred to the public cloud remains unsafe. However, the truth is that AWS cloud service is cheap security tools alternatives and is also one of the most reliable, extensive, and secure cloud platforms.
  • Global Availability: When you choose AWS, it, in turn, serves you across 25 geographical data centers and over 80 global availability zones.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: An AWS service provider offers scalability and flexibility on demand. This helps businesses and enterprises to sketch their infrastructure framework on a subscription pattern without 100% commitment.
  • Smaller investment: Companies can save money by using AWS cloud services instead of purchasing additional software and hardware. There is no need for physical data, resulting in lower operating costs.

Now that you better understand why organizations prefer AWS over its competitors, it is time we look at their services in brief.

What are the AWS services that you must know about?

There are several cloud applications under the Amazon category. Here is a list that will consist of the few primary services that are part of the AWS ecosystem:

  • Compute Service
  • Management Tools
  • Storage
  • Developer Tools
  • Database
  • Security Tools
  • Delivery and Networking of Content

Now several subcategories fall under the headings as mentioned above. Before stepping ahead in the industry, it is best to learn about the smallest of details about AWS web services.


Apart from discussing the concept of AWS cloud service, we have gone through the overall AWS concept in more detail now. Irrespective of whether you are an expert AWS architect or an aspirant trying to set foot in the industry, the best option is to know every pro and con of AWS. It will later help individuals to gain expertise in the strategies and techniques of the industry.

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