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The process of creating a good eCommerce website involves several challenging steps. This includes selecting a perfect domain name, SEO optimization, choosing a theme for a more user-friendly interface, an attractive logo, and many more. The list is quite long in this case, but one step worth mentioning is choosing good eCommerce hosting plans.

If you are trying to build a lovely house and e-commerce is the city, your website represents the house. However, how can you build something when you don’t have a piece of land. Well, in this case, the eCommerce website hosting services represent the land. On the other hand, you can refer to the hosting service providers as landlords. So, it would be best if you researched well before choosing the most affordable eCommerce hosting services.

In this article, you will learn about some of the most important factors to consider before choosing an eCommerce hosting company in India.

What to consider when choosing the best eCommerce web hosting?

Here is a list for your reference:


Selecting secured eCommerce hosting plans is a better option compared to experiencing cyber adversity. Since the E-commerce industry is completely customer-based, protecting the personal identification details of every customer is a mandatory requirement. Therefore, if you want your eCommerce business to achieve the ultimate level of success, it is essential to invest in proper security for your eCommerce website. It will increase the brand’s goodwill and help you to retain customers.

When selecting an eCommerce hosting company in India, make sure that they offer a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Moreover, it would be best to opt for HTTPS over HTTP because of better security preferably. When there is a combination of HTTP and SSL, the information that travels from a customer’s browser to your website will be protected. These two are crucial elements for the security of web pages containing confidential details such as personal details, account details, and credit card numbers.

It is always better to ask your hosting service provider about security coverage to have no pre-existing weak links. As a result, it will become easier to protect payment processing, contact, and other lead pages.

High performance

Ensure that the eCommerce hosting plans you are selecting can maintain performance and manage traffic. This should be the case not only during the initial level but for the long run too. In case your eCommerce website’s performance is worsening, there are chances that you will have to compromise on a high amount of conversions. The best option is to invest in add-ons even if you are selecting affordable eCommerce hosting services. It would be best if you chose a robust hosting plan that can handle a large amount of scalable traffic with the growth of your website.

Here are some tips to consider when you want to enjoy high-performance of your ecommerce website:

  • Verify CPU allocation
  • Dedicated storage and memory
  • Go for eCommerce hosting plans that have high loading speed and good processing capacity.
  • Opt for plans that provide isolated environments for processing orders and handling

CMS software and Ecommerce support

When searching for eCommerce website hosting services, go for providers who offer plans with CMS software and eCommerce. So, if you are planning to use special software, it is essential to ensure that it is compatible with eCommerce hosting plans that will be applicable. It is essential to ensure that both the hosting plan and software should be scalable enough. It should be versatile and solid enough to improve its performance because shifting from one plan to another is quite expensive.

Check out the following details while settling for software:

  • Check online user reviews
  • It is better to have a demo when choosing a plan to have an idea about the admin interface.
  • Check the add-ons that are on offer to build an online store
  • Analyze the overhead expenses of the eCommerce website

Easy Administrative Interface

While managing your ecommerce website, choosing hosting plans from different companies means there will be a difference in the quality of panels and interfaces. As a result, it may become challenging to manage the website. There is no way this essential factor can be ignored. However, a few companies are more intuitive than others. It means they are easy to use and learn when compared to the others who have complex interfaces.

It is also essential to ensure that customers are not directed to the website to check out a small snippet of information. Instead, it is your responsibility to see how to manage the ecommerce website. Moreover, the log files and errors should be identified quickly, which will result in proper tracking of every activity taking place on the website. Therefore, as a website owner, it is preferable to select cPanel hosting plans.

Strong Database Performance Potential

It is essential to understand that users don’t just visit the ecommerce website to navigate. Instead, they want to search for a product or service. So, it is best to have hosting plans that have robust databases. According to experts, the database is the base of any good website. The database acts as the memory for various pages and product information resulting in easier customer search. Therefore, every website owner should offer scalable bandwidth so that the scope of business growth is more. The best hosting plan is to allow the accommodation of required files to be processed quickly.

NTSPL eCommerce hosting offerings

What sets NTSPL eCommerce hosting apart from others is that it offers –

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Unlimited Email Accounts

You can choose between Starter, Business and Enterprise Plan. The Enterprise Plan lets you host unlimited domains.


The list above comprises all the primary factors you should consider while selecting the best eCommerce hosting plans. Developing and managing an eCommerce website is quite challenging. Therefore, when you are investing in a hosting plan, there is no way you should think about cost-saving. Instead, go for the plan to support your website’s requirements in the present and the future.

NTSPL Hosting is a trusted name for eCommerce server hosting in India. NTSPL Hosting was founded in 2007 to provide consumers with world-class hosting infrastructure. As the leading web hosting company in India, the company caters to companies of all sizes. Further, the eCommerce hosting services are tailored to your needs.

NTSPL Hosting is the first e-commerce hosting provider in Bhubaneswar to offer CDN. A CDN is a global server network that ensures that your customers can access your online business anytime, anywhere. With NTSPL Hosting, you can install popular third-party scripts with just one click.