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For every new business, planning to host the first website is quite daunting. There are so many questions to ask. Is a premium service better than the free version? Is investing in premium hosting the right decision? Which service is the best? At the end, the majority of us choose shared hosting. The primary benefits of choosing shared hosting include low cost and good features. However, do you want your website visitors to face slow page loads and downtime with your growing business? That’s why you need Cloud Hosting Service.

Soon, your website will start receiving more traffic, and there will be business growth too. At that time, having shared hosting means that the website will start slowing down. It means that loading will take more than a few minutes every time, and it’s time you switch to proper hosting. Of course, making the correct choice regarding hosting is challenging, and we are here to guide you through it. This post is all about cloud hosting services and why it is preferable to choose cloud hosting for business over other traditional models.

Cloud hosting for business: What does it mean?

Cloud hosting services is an offering from Cloud architecture in which we get combined benefits of shared and cloud hosting. While simplicity is the primary advantage of using shared hosting, cloud, on the other hand, comes with resource scaling, redundant storage, and virtualization.

When you choose a good cloud hosting company in India, they will offer you excellent scalable plans, even if you won’t need to expand storage anytime soon. It means that when traffic to your website is increasing considerably, there will be an option using which you can increase the RAM and CPU. Therefore, even if the hardware fails at any point, the server will spin back easily with very little downtime. Furthermore, there will be no data loss, which is entirely due to the strong storage architecture connected with commercial cloud hosting.

Check out the primary benefits of using cloud hosting services. Once you choose the best cloud hosting company in India, here are the benefits that you can enjoy.

What are the primary benefits of choosing cloud hosting services?

  • Excellent Speed: Cloud hosting for business servers has low density because the website’s speed and varnish improve effectively. Varnish is a special web simulator that ensures the ability of a website to maintain high traffic despite the superfast loading speed of the web pages. It caches the dynamic and static content on the web pages, increasing the speed to 1000%.
  • Better Performance: When you choose the services of the best cloud hosting company in India, the performance of the web applications and business websites will undoubtedly improve. It is because all the servers connected to the apex network will bear the load evenly. Moreover, unlike shared hosting, there are better resources available in the case of cloud hosting services. Therefore, the dependency is not on just one physical server like it is with shared services.
  • Good Stability: Cloud hosting for business is more reliable with triple data redundancy due to a mirroring option. Therefore, all your data on the cloud is 100% secure. Even when there is a server failure, all the data can be recovered effortlessly.
  • Higher Scalability: A good cloud hosting company in India will allow immediate and easy up-gradation of the RAM and CPU. Therefore, we get higher scalability whenever the website traffic increases. On the contrary, using shared hosting means that the loading speed will go down when the business website receives more traffic.
  • Cost Saving: Of course, cloud hosting services seems like it is quite heavy on the pocket initially. However, it is best to analyze the range of features businesses can benefit from when choosing cloud hosting. It won’t be difficult to understand why we refer to cloud hosting as cost-saving or economical. In addition, there are situations wherein you don’t need to pay a hefty amount. Instead, we can select to pay for only the services that are being used. Some of the primary cloud hosting features that we benefit from include free migration of data, resource monitoring, hosting management, and more.
  • Data Security: As mentioned earlier, we get the data mirroring feature with cloud hosting services that ensures data security. With this, every bit of information has a mirror copy on at least three different devices and that too on separate drives. Therefore, if the hardware fails at any point, there is zero data loss. Besides, the mirroring feature ensures quick data recovery and backup.

NTSPL Cloud Hosting Service

With over 400,000 websites receiving more than 500 billion page views each year, NTSPL serves the ninth highest traffic volume on the internet. NTSPL Cloud Hosting Service offers –

  • Powerful Infrastructure: Cloud websites run on a custom-configured infrastructure designed especially to host high-traffic websites.
  • Unlimited Domains: This allows you to host unlimited single-account domains. You get 50GB of storage, 500GB of bandwidth, and 10,000 low-cost cycles.
  • Databases on Demand: You can rapidly use the control panel to add MySQL or Microsoft® SQL Server® databases.
  • Continuously Monitored: Proactive specialist monitors and ensures we swiftly discover concerns and take immediate action. This includes recognizing potentially illegal traffic, including DDoS assaults.
  • Easy to Grow: You can easily add robust technology anytime you plan to grow.
  • Load Balancing: NTSPL intelligently disperses traffic across multiple servers to avoid sudden, unexpected surges affecting workload performance.
  • Hybrid Ready: You can add technologies like Cloud Servers, Managed Servers, or Private Cloud as your workload increases.

Why is cloud hosting for business better than traditional hosting?

Shifting to cloud hosting for business means migrating all data, software, email, and applications to the cloud. Therefore, everything is now easily accessible from any part of the world.

Why is choosing a cloud hosting company in India for its services the ideal option? Here’s the comparison that will justify the common idea.

  • More Server Uptime: With cloud hosting services, the network uptime is a lot more, unlike in traditional services. It is because the cloud has a pattern of interconnected servers. Therefore, if one server crashes at any point, several others can share the load automatically.
  • Better Security: When you choose traditional hosting, sharing the CPU and resources with several other websites is common. However, with cloud services, the data storage architecture is solid and a lot more secure.
  • Resource Scalability: Cloud hosting services means that the page loading speed will improve and the increase in traffic to the website. However, it is the opposite with shared or traditional hosting services.
  • Advanced Technology: A cloud hosting company in India will always implement and utilize the latest technologies. This includes better integration and customization of software applications. However, all this is impossible in the case of traditional hosting.


There remains no doubt why businesses and individuals should only invest in cloud hosting services. It is a more practical decision considering the wide array of features and benefits. NTSPL is a top cloud hosting service provider in India, working with reputable hosts like Rackspace to keep high-traffic websites up to date and run fast at all times. By choosing NTSPL hosting services as your cloud provider, you can decrease the chance of losing customers while preventing the long-term effects of slow and unreliable servers.