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G Suite is a set of applications developed and powered by Google to provide user-friendly solutions on the web to people and businesses. It was released in 2006 as Google Apps for domains, and then in 2016, it was re-branded as G Suite.

Currently known as Google Workspace, it includes Google, Gmail, Admin, Calendar, Meet, Chat, Drive, Cloud, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Hangouts, and Sites. These software offer a range of benefits of G Suite for your businesses to make an online presence and grow as a brand sustainably.

Most of the G Suite in India services are already provided without any separate cost to the Gmail users. However, you can avail of many businesses and enterprise-level features with G Suite authorized partners.

G Suite in India consists of a custom email address at a domain called @yourcompany.com, cloud and unlimited drive storage, security and management tools, and support options given by G Suite authorized partners for your Google Workspace for business.

8 Benefits of G Suite for your Business

Let us look at how G Suite can benefit your business.

  1. Unlimited Storage Space – From the G Suite authorized partners, you can get unlimited storage space on the drive. Many users in an organization can use G Suite in India on the business starter, standard, and a plus plan with 30 GB, 2 TB, and 5 TB cloud storage.
    Benefits of G Suite cloud storage enterprise plans are unlimited as far as storage is concerned for infinite users. Google Workspace for business is a great plan to use to get the best out of their employees.
  2. Business Email – Once the business website is set up, the next thing to do is create a professional business email address on G Suite in India. A business email made with the G Suite authorized partners is essential because it represents the brand and builds trust among the customers.
    With Gmail from the Google Workspace for business, it is easy to manage all the emails of the staff and customers for any official connection. Benefits of G Suite include advertisement-free email and proper security, backup, and technical support in particular.
  3. Easier Communication – G Suite in India has features such as Gmail, Chat, and Meet. Each plays a substantial role in having more accessible communication among your organization’s team members and their customers.
    Benefits of G Suite in meet includes recording, attendance tracking, noise cancellation, and in-domain live streaming. These features are available in different plans. Gmail and chat in Google Workspace for business are essential tools that have a significant role in communication.
    G Suite authorized partners to provide business starter, standard, plus, and an enterprise plan. They can include 100, 150, 200, and 250 participants, respectively, during the video meetings.
  4. Data Migration Tools – Whenever there is a need to switch from web-mail, Office 365, or one G Suite in India to another G Suite in India, there are some best benefits of G Suite that help in data migration of Google Workspace for business.
    Google Workspace for business processes data migration of G Suite authorized partners differently for Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Office 365, and Web-mail. Allowing app access and enabling IMAP is a part of transforming the data feature from G Suite authorized partners.

  1. Cost-Effective – G Suite authorized partners to ensure that the G Suite in India offers its services at lower costs for the enterprise-level plan. Business starter, standard, and plus plans for G Suite in India are available at a very nominal price with a whole heap of benefits from the G Suite authorized partners.
    The benefits of G Suite are based on the affordability alongside the set of features that make the Google Workspace for business worthwhile as far as user experience is concerned.
  2. Google Applications – There are many different applications available on G Suite in India, accessible with G Suite authorized partners.
    Every Google Workspace for business must use these services to create a brand value and increase productivity. G Suite authorized partners to offer various benefits of G Suite to ultimate users of G Suite in India.
  3. Synced Devices – G Suite in India allows the Google Workspace for business users to sync all their devices for proficiently utilizing the services. G Suite authorized partners to provide a gamut of benefits of G Suite. Whether it is mobile, laptops, or computers, the G Suite in India brings you the ease of access to manage your data across devices. All thanks to the G Suite authorized partners.
  4. Support – Different plans of G Suite in India have various kinds of support benefits of G Suite available. Along with a robust provision from G Suite authorized partners, you can rely on online support options, including a help center, status dashboard, a customer forum, and Google Cloud connect community for users.


With NTSPL Hosting being the ultimate choice of many business organizations, we offer the best of G Suite services. G Suite has the essential software for a business workplace to get the best out of their resources. It has a critical part in ensuring proper communication among the various levels of a business organization. Whether it’s connecting on a virtual meet, establishing an official call to action, data storage, or online security, we bring you plenty of benefits of G Suite.

We offer the G Suite in India under four different plans. It much depends on your business niche. Each G Suite plan has a maximum of 300 user limit.

As we are the most reliable G Suite authorized partner, you can reap the Enterprise plan’s benefits with an unlimited user limit.

If you are a new user, you do not have to worry about each feature’s complications. With easy navigation, NTSPL Hosting assists you with vital support for all applications on almost every device to be a resounding success for a sustainably long time to come.