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Are you searching for the right email hosting provider? There are several factors to consider during the selection process. They will help you narrow down your options and ultimately find an email hosting service provider in India that will work for you now and in the long-term.

  1. The size of your business – How many email users do you have and how much data do you need to store? Do you need your data to be archived before you switch to a hosted email service? You may also need to migrate your current data to your new provider when you actually switch over. Find a hosting company that can do this. Be sure to clarify if there is a charge for the migration or any other extra costs outside of the monthly or yearly fees for the email.
  2. Features you need – Some of the best email hosting service providers in India can offer data protection, an exchange server, special security requirements, shared calendars, and many other features. Figure out what your company needs and don’t pay for features that you won’t use.
  3. Your budget – When it comes to email hosting, you get what you pay for. A free service might seem enticing but it could put the security of your data at risk. Seek a professional email hosting service provider in India if you are serious about protecting your digital assets. Don’t forget to clarify if they charge per account or per mailbox.
  4. Accessibility – Do you want to access your emails strictly from a website, from an application on your computer, or from a mobile app? Do you need all emails, tasks, and calendars to be synced across all your devices? Choose a provider that provides the accessibility you require. Some of the best email hosting service providers in India provide ‘anywhere access.’

When choosing a provider, think beyond your current needs and envision where you want your business to be in the future. This will allow you to select a service that can grow with you.