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Choosing a domain name for your business is much like choosing a name for your company. It requires serious thought and consideration. After all, your domain name will become your identity on the internet. You therefore need a name that befits your business while being easy to remember, find, and promote.

  1. Choose a domain name that is short and easy to type.This is critical to online success. Avoid using slang (such as ‘u’ instead of ‘you’) or words that can be spelled in multiple ways. This may make it harder for customers to find your website. For example, numbers are often misunderstood. Potential customers who hear your website address won’t know if they should use a numeral (8) or spell it out (eight). If you really need to put a number in your domain, register all the different variations to be safe. Keeping your domain name short is also a good idea. If it’s too long or complex, customers are more likely to misspell or mistype it. You can’t go wrong with short and easy.
  2. Use relevant keywords.What keywords describe the products or services that you offer? You might want to incorporate those keywords into your domain. For instance, if you run a glass replacement business, it makes sense to register GlassRepair.in or GlassReplacement.in. If you cater to a specific locality, consider including the name of your city or community in your domain name. Why not register MumbaiGlassRepair.in?Think of the keywords that people are likely to enter when they search for what you offer. Your domain name should make more sense to your potential customers and help improve your rank on search engines.
  3. Check for potential legal problems.Make sure that the domain name you choose is not copyrighted or trademarked by another company. If it is, you might get involved in a legal mess later on.If you’re having trouble choosing and finding an available name, don’t worry—reputable domain registrars in India can suggest alternatives. They can help you find the perfect domain name.